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Scholars program provides influential freshman year

Tiffany in the Old Town of Warsaw, Poland on the Scholars trip.

It seems strange to be reflecting on my experience at Amarillo College and saying farewell, because I’ve really only started my experience at AC…

Throughout high school, I was always pushed to get ahead as much as I could and earn
as many credits as possible before I got to college. I ended up earning enough credits to enter college as a sophomore for my degree plan. My name is Tiffany, and I will be graduating with my Associates in General Studies not long after turning 19 years old.As awesome as it sounds, it also means I had to give up an entire year of studying at AC, because I would be graduating a year earlier than most students, who spend about two years at AC. It’s certainly not that I’m against graduating (especially early), I will just miss the Amarillo College experience…especially my AC Presidential Scholars experience. But before I pour my heart and soul out about how amazing AC is, I should probably mention that I didn’t always like the idea of attending Amarillo College. In fact, I dreaded the thought!

I had always thought of AC as an easy, mediocre community college for those who “weren’t smart enough” or couldn’t afford a university. All of my friends were moving away to Austin or Lubbock, and I wanted to go too. I wanted to live in a dorm and take sophisticated classes. Looking back, I sure was naive. Sure I was sort of pushed into going to AC, but I think it’s because that’s what I really needed. I have no regrets. Amarillo College wasn’t a joke at all. I was met with challenging courses and engaging peers. I adapted to college life rather quickly and AC grew on me. I think it really helped to be a part of Presidential Scholars.

Oh, where do I even begin with the Scholars… they’re my friends, no, my family. We have collaborated on projects, solved problems, helped the community and traveled overseas together. The fact that I got to go to Lithuania and Poland with them is beyond phenomenal! I’ve laughed with them and I’ve cried with them. We hold each other up if we feel like we’re falling. I’ve met some wonderful, beautiful people through this program. I’ve made lifetime friends and I’ve learned to love people I would have never met had I gone to a university first. It’s only been a year yet it almost feels like a lifetime.

I think one of the greatest things the Presidential Scholars program has done for me is helped me to feel comfortable in my own skin and really come out of my shell. I could be myself, because we were all human and we could all relate to the struggles of adolescence and college stress. I have no problem speaking my mind and pitching ideas now. I enjoy talking to large groups of people about things that I’m excited and passionate about. I look forward to trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zone. I will carry these things with me for the rest of my journey through life, as I’m sure all of us will. I couldn’t have asked for a better school or a better group of people to share my first year college experience with.

As much as it pains me to leave it all behind after only one year, I am excited to see where the road will take me next. It feels good to be able to graduate with a lot of my second year friends and I look forward to watching everyone’s story unfold. I’m definitely going to miss the comfort of AC, but I know it’s time to step out of that comfort zone once again and live life from a new perspective. I just hope there are plenty of squirrels at WT!

The unexpected benefits of starting at AC

–by Presidential Scholar and chemistry major Caleb Prestwood

12074626_187382034933768_6094987649695592569_nTo be completely honest, attending Amarillo College this year was never a part of my original college plan. I never planned to attend Amarillo College, but looking back and taking everything into perspective, both Amarillo College and the Presidential Scholars Honors Program have allowed me to meet so many great new friends and has opened so many doors for my future.

The Amarillo College Presidential Scholars Program is a close community of individuals who share their passion for higher education and represent Amarillo College’s top students. However, I don’t see them as this, I see them as my friends. By being involved in the Presidential Scholars Honors Program, we are constantly busy participating in luncheons, volunteer work, presentations, educational travel opportunities, and much, much more. All these events consume our schedules and constantly keep us busy. But all these events, and all the hard work required of a Presidential Scholar, have brought me closer to some of the greatest people I’m proud to call my friends. We all have classes together, study together, struggle together, and survive college together, as friends. Some of us may be super outgoing, shy, adventurous, musically talented, athletic, intellectual beyond belief, leaders, or even computer geeks, but at the end of the day, we are a family of scholars bonded by our unique qualities. All of us scholars come from totally different backgrounds and have endeavored several difficulties, and getting to become friends with these awesome people, is so humbling.

Along with all the amazing new people I have met, I have also had so many doors open up for my future that I never would have thought possible. When I applied to colleges last fall, in high school, I was mailed an invitation to apply to Baylor University because of my academic accomplishments. So, I applied and was accepted but never seriously considered Baylor because of the steep price of tuition.

Though I was already going to Amarillo College, I decided to look into Baylor University as a potential transfer option. As I researched more, I began to realize all the scholarship opportunities that were offered to me because I was a Presidential Scholar. I learned that I could attend one of Texas’ top private universities for a fraction of the original tuition cost, something I never would have dreamed possible without the Presidential Scholars Honors Program. After visiting Baylor and going to a football game, I knew it was the place for me. Getting to transfer to Baylor never would have been possible without me being a part of the Presidential Scholars.

Amarillo College was never a part of my original college plan. Looking back, however, at all the awesome people I’ve met, all the friendships I’ve found, and all the doors that have opened in my future because of my participation in the Presidential Scholars Honors Program, I couldn’t imagine my college career without Amarillo College.